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EST. | 2018

101 Lloyd St.

Carrboro, NC 27510

Open from 12PM - 7PM


919 360 4684



Magnolia Tattoo Company is a custom tattoo studio. Located in the storefront of one of Carrboro's oldest buildings on Lloyd St. The atmosphere is a clean, relaxing, and inclusive environment. It is my mission statement that Magnolia offers a physical space where a clients personal identity, emotional, physical, and mental space is honored and respected.

I use 100% disposable setups that are Vegan safe and as

Eco-Conscious/Friendly as I can source, I have made a commitment to lessening my businesses impact on the environment.

Look for annual charity events including benefits for organizations such as the Trevor Project and the ASPCA amongst others. Give Magnolia a visit.


I aim to exceed your expectations of comfort, respect, service and quality.

Before, During and After the Tattoo.

believe open dialog can bring so much enrichment to the work, emotionally as well as visually. 

Listening, empathy, connectivity and bringing the client into the design stage helps achieve the highest expressive impact of the artwork.



Do I need a Consultation?

The ABSOLUTE BEST way to reach me is TEXT! I rarely answer the phone due to being w/clients. This way I see the notification and will respond asap.

If email is easiest for you then email at the address below. Please note: I get so many emails sometimes they get buried and lost. If you have emailed me and hadn't a response please reach back out or try texting.

Not every tattoo needs a consult.

However the Consultation is a chance to talk and discuss your idea. It is an important way to explore the concept. To realize technical and artistic expectations, express any concerns, and wishes. During the consult please include any visual reference or notes you may have. General pricing, duration and availability of appointments will be discussed at this time.

NOTE: Clear, Straight on, In-Focus, relaxed pose photos of the area to be tattooed will be needed as this is what I draw the artwork on. Please NO mirror selfies! Get a friend to help you if need be.


90% of all Consultations are done via text or email. I can accommodate in-person consults but space is limited in that regard and is always done during a weekday.



I try to take on as much as I can but if it's not a good fit its simply not a good fit.

 When both parties feel confident and comfortable then we may move forward with booking the tattoo appointment. At this point a non-refundable deposit will be required to make and hold the appointment.* This deposit applies to the final cost of the tattoo and is not an extra charge.

Booking an appointment: Waiting times vary. I typically book Quarterly. Please plan accordingly.


PRIORITY BOOKING GOES TO EXISTING CLIENTS, LARGE SCALE WORK, THEN PROJECTS I FEEL ARE A GOOD FIT. EXISTING PROJECTS CAN REACH OUT ANYTIME AND DON'T NEED TO WAIT FOR MY BOOKS TO OPEN QUARTERLY. Mostly I only tattoo on ONE client a day, sometimes TWO. This allows me to focus 100% on you. I do NOT send artwork out beforehand. I put my best foot forward and any small last minute revisions can be made day of.

(Sorry, no watercolor, line style work or Walk offense just other people do that stuff better). SCOPE OUT MY PORTFOLIO to see my area of focus


Before your appointment:

-get a good nights rest

-eat well an hour or two before your appointment 

-stay well hydrated

-please avoid any alcohol, caffeine, or blood thinners in excess

-be of good hygiene 

During your appointment:

-Come by yourself or bring ONE friend if necessary 

-focus on breathing, oxygen to the brain is a good thing

-be mindful of not moving, body language while talking etc

-please do not talk on your cellphone and turn your ringer off

-bring hi-energy snacks

After your appointment:

-tip your artist and post a positive review if they have provided excellent service 

-follow your aftercare instructions EXACTLY

-please refrain from soaking or submerging your tattoo in water for a minimum of 2 weeks 

-do not pick or scratch your tattoo. If any scabs develop leave them alone until they fall off naturally

-avoid sunburns and harsh direct sunlight on the new tattoo until it is healed fully

-after full healing is achieved use of a sunblock is strongly encouraged to prevent fading


* Cancellation policy: deposits will be forfeited if you cancel/reschedule the appointment with less than 48 hours prior notice or are more than 1 hour late to your appointment. All deposits apply to the overall cost of the tattoo and if multiple sessions are needed, apply to the last session of the tattoo. Deposits are NON-refundable

Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Venmo, Cash accepted

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