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   Here at Magnolia Tattoo Company in Carrboro, I will provide complimentary aftercare for you. I use a hospital grade product designed to prevent scabbing and it helps promote your bodies natural ability to heal small wounds. It is Vegan safe, latex free, water resistant and hypoallergenic. The vast majority of people have no issue with it.

We will go over these instructions in depth at the end of your tattoo appointment.


Leave the bandage on following the tattoo. Your body will swell in the tattooed area, it may be sensitive and warm, you may even bruise if you have sensitive skin, it will push fluid, all of this is natural. Your body fluid is sterile to YOUR body. Other persons bodily fluid is NOT sterile to your body. Since you are not allergic to yourself we are using your natural fluid to now moisturize the tattoo.


ICE your new tattoo! This does 2 things. A: it helps with any swelling and B: it closes your pores. By closing your pores you are retaining the maximum amount of pigment and your tattoo will be bright and vibrant. I would suggest 2-3 times for icing. You can ice it directly over top of the Tegaderm as it is water resistant. Ice tattoo for 10-15 min for swelling, 1-2 min for closing pores

Remove Tegaderm bandage in shower after 3 days.

You can quickly shower with Tegaderm in place prior to the 3 days as it is water resistant NOT water proof. (personal hygiene is a good thing)however be mindful NOT to trap water inside the bandage!

3 days is a loose time frame as your body knows itself far better than I ever could. It may be 2 days for you, it may be 4. We will go over what to look for to help you make the choice of when to remove the Tegaderm.


Here are a few examples:

If evidence of drying fluid occurs on the tattoo and not just in the periphery then that’s one sign to remove it. (Dried out body fluid is a scab and causes additional trauma to the area because scabs are sharp and lead to irritation and prolonged, harder healing periods)

If heat rash or friction irritation happen then wash hands and peel Tegaderm off irritated area only until it is time to remove bandage. Wearing loose fitting and soft, light clothing will help prevent this. Also humidity greatly contributes to heat rash so take it easy for a few days.


Keep in mind although irritating/annoying heat rash and friction irritation is NOT a sign of infection. Contact me and we can discuss how to deal with it.

If an allergic reaction does happen then remove bandage and wash adhesive off with mild soap and water. contact me and we will discuss alternative aftercare. (allergic reactions happen immediately not 3 days later. We will do a little test strip on your thumb prior to the appointment)


Remove bandage in shower. A long hot shower softens up the adhesive and lets you remove it easier.

Remove from the top down. Out, away and down from your skin. Rather like peeling a banana, same motion. Work your way across then down.

Go slow and methodical, the adhesive is VERY sticky. Do not attempt to rip it off like a bandaid. If removal is still hard then use a VERY small amount of an oil that you cook with and rub that into the adhesive fold. This will also soften the bandage for removal. 

Wash with a mild soap, nothing that smells good and nothing with micro scrubbing beads or anything like that. A simple liquid hand soap is fine. No sponges, luffas etc. just fingertips. and soap. Wash 2-3x a day, not aggressively but firmly. 

Pat dry, do not rub dry. Rubbing is friction, patting is not. pat dry with a dryer fresh clean towel.


Again, Ice it after you wash. You can also just turn on the cold water sprayer at the end of the shower ritual if you wish. We just need 1-2 min to close the pores. Alternatively wrapping "frozen peas" in single use Saran Wrap is another good way to ice your tattoo mid-day. Toss Saran Wrap away after use and re-wash your hands. ALWAYS wash your hands before you touch the tattoo.


Within a few days it will move into the peeling phase of the healing process. At this point continue to wash it but start using a moisturizer as well. There is no reason to ice it any longer. 

Aquaphor/Lotion only when it starts to feel tight. Use only enough to moisturize the skin, NOT smothered. Oxygen to your skins surface is a good thing. Less is more. Use until after until peeling is done. Do NOT pick at this. Let the skin flakes shed naturally.


Loose/soft fabric clothes are your best friend. If you workout go ahead, no problem. Your sweat is sterile to you remember BUT wear barrier clothing at gyms/work if you will be near other persons bodily fluids and wash tattoo immediately afterwards.


ALL FABRICS AND BEDDING ARE CLEAN!!! If anything needs a finalizing session that is complimentary for 1 year. 

Thank you for your trust and your business. If you still have questions please text, email or call.

Take care of yourself and each other.

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